Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Cogito Smartwatch India

Now Available in India

Why Cogito?

Your Time Matters!                                         
  • It is your personal time – your personal agenda – your personal schedule - not the same time as everyone.
  • COGITO allows you to better manage your time and reduce the level/number of distractions/interruptions.
  • You can enjoy your time by doing what you have to do while managing your connected life.
  • COGITO offers users a new way to monitor activity.
  • Designed for everyday usage — not high stress, high impact sports - the activity feature provides valuable insights into how users spend their time.
  • Whether at work or at play, out shopping or out to lunch, COGITO helps users better understand their overall activity levels.

Fetaures of Cogito Smartwatch

  • The beautifully connected smart watch. Get notified as soon as you receive a text message.
  • A watch that notifies you and acts as a remote control for your phone.
  • Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the COGITO stylish Smartwatch.
  • Keep track of social notifications and your health by using this trendy  Smartwatch.

Cogito Fit 

  • The COGITO Fit with activity tracking and essential notifications that puts style first not does not require recharging.
  • It combines fun and functionality to fit your lifestyle for a more natural connected experience.
  • Unlike other smartwatches, COGITO Fit does not need to be charged. 
  • In the shower, under the rain, on a beech or at the pool. COGITO Fit is engineered in wet situations when the phone cannot be in your hands.

Cogito Classic

  • COGITO Classic brings together the power of a connected watch with the sophistication of a precision - crafted timepiece, merging classic analog movement with a lucid digital display.
  • COGITO Classic smartwatch unburden the user from the constraints of the digital age by promoting a fun, free and active lifestyle.
  • It displays essential notifications at a quick glance, living you free to focus on what's important - living life to the fullest.

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